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Does 3TIER incorporate observational data?

Yes. 3TIER constrains its mesoscale numerical weather prediction (NWP) atmospheric simulations using inputs taken from a consistent, high-quality NWP dataset (the NCAR/NCEP reanalysis), which incorporates observational data using data assimilation techniques. 3TIER uses this dataset to run a combination of a 10-year, coarser resolution (15 km) set of NWP simulations with a 365-day, finer resolution (5 km) set of NWP simulations.

This methodology provides the basis for 3TIER's global wind dataset. To further ensure that the modeled wind speeds accurately reflect real-world wind speeds, a final correction was performed using two relatively high-resolution analysis datasets. For Canada, Mexico, and the continental US, the correction was based on the analysis from the NCEP Rapid Update Cycle model at 40 km resolution. Over the remainder of the globe, the correction was based on analysis from the NCEP Global Forecast System model at a 1° resolution.

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